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Best Convertible Car Seat Reviews 2015 – Looking for Top 3 Best Convertible Car Seat?

Best Convertible Car Seat Reviews 2015

RECARO Performance RIDE Convertible Car Seat

81Ey7I4tVGL._SL1500_[1]Best Convertible Car Seat Reviews 2015 – A Convertible car seat is designed for utmost protection of your baby while travelling in a car. A convertible car seat is a good idea as one car seat serves for many years; it is used for a child from their birth to the age where they can sit all alone in the car. RECARO performances RIDE convertible car seat is designed in such a way, where it is a single car seating option for a child from its birth to toddler years.

The RECARO performances RIDE convertible car seat is a money saver for a parent as there will be no need for a change in car seat for a child from birth till it’s a toddler. The product is available at Amazon. It is designed in such away it provides all comfort and protection to the child. The car seat is available indifferent colours and it is maintenance free or there is ease in cleaning the fabric. It is cost effective; the safety of the child is the prime concern of the product.

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Diono RadianRXT Convertible Car Seat

Diono RadianRXT Convertible Car Seat

Best Convertible Car Seat Reviews 2015 – Most of the customers who purchased the Diono RadianRXT Convertible Car Seat were very satisfied with itIt was handy for travelling on air even though it was too heavy and bulky. It sits low so the children didn’t have a hard time climbing on it. Its side impact wings made it possible for kids to rest their head and sleep on longer trips. It had a thinner profile to fit into the car, even the smallest one.

Some of the customers who were a little bit dissatisfied said that there were a lot of complications on the straps. It was difficult to tighten the chair once it was on the rear-facing position.

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Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat

Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat

Best Convertible Car Seat Reviews 2015 – Your child’s safety especially when driving is an issue that cannot be ignored. Getting the right seat for your child that can be fitted within your vehicle is a key issue when you need to travel. Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat is a type of seat that promises the safety and protection of your child as he or she boards the seat. The seat is specifically designed to ensure that the child is safely seated in the car when driving. For around $232, Britax USA guarantees that as you travel with your car, your child will be comfortable and free from harm. Here is a review of the seat and its features.

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Convertible Car Seat Comparison Chart

Do you want to compare different Convertible Car Seat in a table? You can find it here! You can compare over 10  types of Convertible Car Seat here now!

  Product Name Weight (pounds) Dimensions (inches) Origin Min. weight (pounds) Maxi. weight (pounds) Orientation warranty (years) Booster
Diono RadianR100 Convertible Car Seat 26 16 x 17 x 28.5 China 5 100 Forward / Rear Facing 1 N
RECARO Performance RIDE Convertible Car Seat 20 28 x 21 x 25.6 USA 5 65 Rear Facing N
True Safety with the Britax Convertible G4 19.5 21 x 18.5 x 26 5 65 Forward / Rear Facing N
Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat 19.2 19.5 x 22 x 25 USA 5 100 Forward / Rear Facing Y
Safety 1st OnSide Air Protect Convertible Car Seat 11.5 30 x 16 x 17.8 5 40 Forward / Rear Facing N
Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat 20 20 x 20 x 27.5 USA 5 65 Forward / Rear Facing N
ECARO Prosport Combination Car Seat 25 28 x 21 x 25.6 USA 20 120 Forward Facing Y
Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat 24 21.2 x 29.5 x 22.8 USA 5 70 Forward / Rear Facing N
Diono RadianRXT Convertible Car Seat 24 10 x 17 x 28.5 5 120 Forward / Rear Facing Y


Avoid common parent’s mistake: How to properly install car seat

No one would ever think of driving around with a flat tire or a failing engine simply because such problems may cause accidents. The same safety reason is why parents should not only invest in a car seat, but also learn how to install car seat properly for their young ones. Baby car seats are not hard to come by, however, the tricky part is when it comes to installing it. Parents should know there are different instructions for car seat installation for every car and car seat. Therefore, it is very important to identify the proper installation instructions for each specific car. This will ensure your child fits inside his car seat correctly and the car seat is properly secured to prevent any harm in case of an accident.


Parents make some very common mistakes that prevent them to install car seat properly. As a result of these common mistakes, it is important to highlight a few and ways of avoiding them.

Mistake 1 : Most parents usually go for used car seats without carefully check

For starters, most parents usually go for used car seats to try and save some money. That is understandable, especially in these tough economic times. However, it is important to perform some research on the car seat to ensure the safety of your child. In the research, you can find out about the history of the used car seat. Important things to look for are the expiration date of the car seat, instructions and labels displaying its date of manufacture, as well as the model number. Most importantly, the used car seat should not have any visible signs of damage or any missing parts and it should have never been involved n any accident.

Mistake 2 :  Start with or change to Forward facing car seat too early

According to “Policy Statement—Child Passenger Safety

Rear-facing CSSs provide optimal support to the head and spine in the event of a crash, and evidence indicates that this benefit extends to children up to 2 y of age or longer

Surprisingly, Rear-facing is much more safer than forward-facing cat seat. Many report state that Rear-facing provide better protect for the baby’s head and spine.

Infants younger than 2 y have relatively large heads and several structural features of their neck and spine that place them at particularly high risk of head and spine injuries in motor vehicle crashes. Rear-facing CSSs provide optimal support to the head and spine in the event of a crash, and evidence indicates that this benefit extends to children up to 2 y of age or longer.


Therefore we suggest that all baby should remain rear-facing car seat as long as possible, i.e. when they reach the maximum weight limit or height limit of the rear-facing car seat.

Mistake 3: Straps at wrong shoulder position.

In general, for rear facing cat seat, the strap should be below kid’s shoulder, while forward-facing seat, the strap should be above kid’s shoulder. This is very important for safety, parent should check this out in the installation manual on each different car seat.

Mistake 4: Buckling your child up with jacket.

This will reduce the tightness of the straps in an accident. Remember to get off the jacket before putting your child to car seat. If the weather is cold, put a blanket over the kid to keep it warm instead.

Additionally, parents should make sure to place the car seat in the back seat away from any active air bags to avoid any injury on the child during an accident.

Mistake 5: use car seat as crib

Another common mistake is using the baby car seat as crib which could compress a new born baby’s chest due to the constant upright position of seating. The upright position for child could cause decreased oxygen levels. Also, it is important to avoid letting your child relax or sleep in his car seat for a long time.

Finally, parents should always ensure they have correctly buckled their child to a car seat. The car seat should also be properly reclined to hold the baby’s head preventing it from flopping forward. Parents can use towels or blankets to achieve the right reclining angle.


There are two ways of install car seat properly. You can either install it facing the rear position or facing forward.

Installing a car seat in the rear position

It is important to always read the instructions that come with the vehicle before installing the car seat to see where the belt goes. Every car’s manual has information on seat belts, as well as a universal anchorage system.

The back seat is the safest place for children under the age of 12 to seat. The best position at the back seat is the middle part which is the least likely place a child can get hurt in case of an accident.

Steps to take when installing a child’s car seat facing the rear position include;

1. Ensure the inside part of your car is safe. All objects should be tied or locked down inside the trunk including any objects left on the edge of the rear window. This is to prevent flying around of objects during a collision or sudden stop that may harm the child.

2. Make sure the bottom of the car seat does not overhang the front edge by more than 20%.

3. Use either a universal anchorage system or seat belt to install the car seat. When tightening the belt, push the bottom part of the car seat into the car’s upholstery. It is important to note that the seat should not move more than an inch toward the front of the car or sideways when the belt is attached. However, it is normal to lift the top part of the car seat toward the back part of the vehicle or move it sideways.

4. Check the instructions of the car seat to ensure you have set the right reclining angle which should be about halfway back. Some car seats slope down toward the back of the car causing the seat to sit in an upright position perfect for a new born baby. Other car seats have their own built-in indicators for the best recline to help you get the proper angle.

5. In case the seat is too upright, adjust the bottom part (base) or tightly roll a towel and place it under the car seat or in the crack or the seat to achieve the right recline angle. Once the child can hold their head upright, the car seat may be adjusted to a more upright recline angle.

6. For infant-only car seats, ensure you have followed the car seat instructions. Ensure the carry handle is in the right position when driving, either up or down. Use the manufacturer’s instructions to check if your child’s car seat has a rebound foot or bar.

7. For infant car seats facing the rear position, you should ensure the straps are not hanging loose. Secure the straps according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also roll or wrap them using a cable tie.


Installing a car seat in the forward facing positions

Seats facing the forward position are for children that are older than 12 years as their neck and back muscles are stronger. It is best for a child to continue using the same car seat as long as their height and weight are within the ranges of the car seat.

Steps to take when installing a car seat in forward position;

1. Choose the right seat belt that can tightly secure your child. You can choose either a normal seat belt or a universal anchorage system (UAS). Check your car’s manual to see if it has a lock-in feature to lock the bet correctly.

2. Attach the tether straps. Use your body and knee weight in the seat while rocking the seat side to side when tightening the belt or UAS. Also use your knee weight to tighten the straps.

3. Test the seat to ensure the child seat is correctly and tightly installed. After installing the sea, hold it on both sides and move it in all directions to check for its firmness. The child seat should not go beyond an inch in any direction.


Every parent wishes to keep their child safe. Car seats are as safe as they can go when driving with their kids in the car. However, proper installation of car seats should be considered if you are to ensure your kid’s safety. That is why parents should take the time to read through their car’s manual, as well as the car seat instructions to ensure proper installation.

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